Gram and Grow: A Guide To Instagram

Insta-Growth When it comes to social media there are plenty of options you can use to promote your business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all great options for getting your material and promotions out there to drive hits to your website or storefront. But for today we are just going to focus on one: Instagram. […]

Protect Your Parking Lot

Durable. Affordable. Customizable. Some companies are fortunate enough to have a massive parking lot for both employees and customers, and sometimes companies are limited to just three or four spots. It’s important to give customers easy access to your storefront, less they change their mind and go somewhere else. At New York Marketing we make […]

How To Make Awesome Content

“Want tons of Google traffic, new leads, and more sales? The secret is to create great content.” You’re probably heard this before. However, what exactly is “content” and how can you make it great? “Content” is really just information. Imagine your marketing tools are vehicles. Search engines, email marketing, social media, blogs, advertising, and any […]

Lawn Signs: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Lawn signs. We see them everywhere. In front of buildings, driving through suburban neighborhoods, and even at your local parks. Lawn signs are a great way to establish name recognition in your area. Whether it’s for a political campaign or you are advertising for your small business, lawn signs will get your name out there […]