Autoresponder Email Marketing Series

Convert Online Leads into Paying Clients…Without Lifting a Finger

Are you leaving money on the table with your email contacts?

Many marketing experts estimate the ROI of effective email marketing to be as high as 4400%. That means for every $1 spent, you have the potential to get back $44.

How Email Marketing Works

The process is simple: Put a contact form on your website for prospects to fill out to receive more information about what you have to offer.

As soon as the prospect fills out the contact form, he or she instantly receives the information.

Once the email is written, you don’t have to do anything.

However, most sales are not made on the first contact. After the prospect receives your product or service information…then what?

YES! I'm ready to learn how to quickly and easily follow up with my online prospects...without lifting a finger!

How You Follow Up with Prospects Determines Your Success or Failure

After that first email is where so many companies drop the ball.

They may send out a monthly or quarterly company ezine or e-newsletter or they may send out the occasional sale email.

Many such emails are full of corporate-speak or are just pushing for the sale.

Remember, many prospects choose to fill out your contact form because they’re just dipping their toes into the water…they’re not ready to jump all the way into a sale.

The key to following up with these folks is to follow up in a non-pushy way. 

Nurture them, build a relationship with them, and establish trust.

This System Can Do All of Your Online Follow-Up 24/7…Even While You Sleep

Following up with your online leads is quick and easy with autoresponders.

‘Autoresponders’ are a series of pre-written emails that are:

  • ‘evergreen,’ meaning they can get sent out any time of year
  • written specifically for YOUR business and what you offer
  • delivered at specific times automatically
  • designed to grab your prospects’ attention
  • filled with ‘hypnotic’ wording and proven direct response techniques
  • crafted to move the prospect to take some kind of action…a conversion
  • able to do all this without you or your sales team doing anything 

This is a ‘Turn-Key’ System That Will Quickly & Easily Convert More of Your Prospects

We’ll do it all for you…from start to finish.

Simply fill out the quick form on this webpage and you’ll instantly receive:

  • An overview of how this system works
  • Fees
  • An explanation of why customization is the key to success
  • How easy this will be to implement in YOUR business

Let’s Get Started!

Fill out the form below TODAY to receive your no-obligation information.

Or call our office at (716) 632-7200 to schedule a free consultation. Interested in learning more about the benefits of email marketing? Click here!

YES! I'm ready to learn how to quickly and easily follow up with my online prospects...without lifting a finger!

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