#WordOfTheWeek – SEO

Good morning folks! Today’s #WordOfTheWeek Wednesday is SEO, an important digital marketing term that every business owner should know. ✨

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Improving your websites SEO can move your site up in search engine rankings and make your business available to more people. Effective SEO can direct traffic to your website for FREE!

You can optimize your websites SEO in many ways…

Content- Improve quality, quantity, and relevancy. Use target keywords that you want your business to rank for. This means you also want to update your content regularly to stay relevant in search engines.

Links- Try creating links within text to increase search engine value. When choosing words to hyperlink, you want to make sure they are descriptive and key words relevant to what you are talking about.

Alternative tags- Alternative tag descriptions on your visual or video media allows search engines to locate your page.

Printful Threads E-Commerce Conference Review

Last week, New York Marketing attended Printfuls free online conference. It was called Printful Threads Marketing Crash Course for E-commerce Stores, during which they introduced 9 great speakers over 3 days.

Today, we will be reviewing the first day of the conference and discussing what we learned from the speakers. This day was titled “Picking Your Audience and Creating Your First Marketing Strategy.”

Marc Guberti was the first to speak and gave a presentation titled “How Niche Can You Go?” Marc encourages a starting business to find their niche and run with it. A niche relates to a product, service, or interest that appeals to a small or specialized audience. By building your brand on a niche, you are subject to less competition and yield better engagement on your content. Better yet, create what Marc calls a “super niche” by combining two niches into one! Super niche audiences are more valuable for super niche offers from other brands and influencers.

Are you afraid of going too niche? Marc encourages you to think of the long term with these questions…

-Can you stay in this business for a decade?
-Can you create enough content in that time frame?
-Is this concept proven, or can it make money?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are definitely not too niche.

The second speaker was Asaf Rothem from Wix, who talked about “How to Sell to People Who Have Never Heard About You.” Asaf stresses that building trust with your consumers is important. You can do this by…

-Having a clear concept
– Quality photos of your product
– “About Us” page
– Easily accessed contact information
– FAQ page
-Social proof and testimonies from satisfied customers

Asaf also gave us valuable information on how to seek out new customers as well. He recommends using SEO, or search engine optimization, to help people find your website. Customize your posts meta tags, structure your data and create patterns in your content.

Asaf also encourages you to create ads for your business. When making ads for Google, you should focus on intent. When creating ads for Facebook or other social media, focus on engaging visuals to draw in potential consumers.

Next, he talked about how to increase your sales. Did you know that 80% of shoppers will abandon their online shopping cart? Asaf says by re-engaging these people with “abandoned cart offers”, you can automatically bring back up to 10% of them. The most popular way to bring these shoppers back is by email, text messages, and auto chats on Facebook.

Asaf also encourages trying to create repeat shoppers with email marketing. You can build your list of emails by offering a coupon for signing up to your site visitors. You also don’t want to annoy your customers, so only email them when you have something to offer such as holiday deals, special offers, and discounts.

 kaeraz owner Kaeli Day was the last presenter of the first day of the conference. Kaeli started her brand from the ground up and gave us lots of tips on how to “Find Your Niche in the Wild West of E-Commerce.”

She explains that having a strong brand logo is important and helps consumers recognize and become loyal to your brand. She encourages putting your logo and imagery on everything so people can find you easily.

Kaeli promoted her brand by using influencers. In exchange for her products, these influences would promote her brand to their large audience. Influencers have the power to affect purchasing decisions based on their position and authority on social media.

#MondayMarketingTip – Creating Your Blog

Here is your #MondayMarketingTip from New York Marketing!💡

Did you know that 70% of consumers would rather learn about a company through blog articles rather than by seeing an ad? Blogs are less about selling your product or service, and more about creating a relationship work your customers. Through a blog, you can include information, content, and conversation with your customer that you cannot achieve through ads.

Here are a few tips for creating your company’s blog! ✨

A great platform creating a blog and website is WordPress.com. It’s equipped for SEO (search engine optimization) which helps increase web traffic to your blog through search engines. Not only this, but the structure for creating blog posts is super easy to use and ensures that you utilize the power of a blog to its fullest extent.

You will have to register a domain name. This is the name of your blog or website and will help people find you online. A great service for this is GoDaddy, where you can purchase a domain name as well as create your website and host it.

Most importantly, you will want to want to pick or create a theme for your blog. You want to make sure that the theme matches your brand and compliments your content rather than taking away from it. You can choose a pre-made theme or make a brand new one. Usually, you can customize pre-made themes which might be the easiest way to go, as creating a theme from scratch can be very complicated.

Web Designing Tips for your Business!

Here are some tips on designing a website for your business ✨

Your website can be the most important aspect of your business! Its a place that should contain all information on your business, products, and services as well as contact information and social media. However, websites can be confusing to navigate and even harder to create… here are some simple tips to make your website as effective as possible!

1. Link your bio to your homepage to save your customers from clicking around too much! You want to make the website as easy to navigate as possible.

2. Make sure your menu is prominent and easy to find. Try to structure your websites menu according to the importance of each section. Again, you want to make your website as easy as possible to navigate and help your clients find what they’re looking for.

3. Your footer is just as important as the rest of your website. It contains important links and contact information. Include buttons that link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform that you use. Also be sure to include your contact e-mail, phone number, and business address.