Gram and Grow: A Guide To Instagram

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When it comes to social media there are plenty of options you can use to promote your business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all great options for getting your material and promotions out there to drive hits to your website or storefront. But for today we are just going to focus on one: Instagram.

At a glance this application can seem like just a way to share photos with your friends and leave some comments, however there are a slew of features packed into this app that, with the right strategy, can be used to gain a lot of reach for your company.

Instagram Stories

With changes to the Instagram algorithm over the years, posting to your main page can unfortunately get lost in the fold, pushing more engaged photos to the top instead of chronological order. A good way to make sure your posts are visible is using stories, especially if you post multiple times a day. The stories bar is located at the very top of the application when you open it. Because it’s always refreshing, this is a great way to get your content seen. The more interesting your stories, the better chance of people heading to your profile to check out more!

Switch to a Business Profile

With Instagram you have the option of making your page a business profile in just a couple of clicks. This will open up more options for you but most importantly, give you insight with how your posts perform. You can see what days you have the most engagement and even what time of day is the best time to post! It’s like a cheat sheet of posting. Having this information can make or break your posts in terms of engagement and getting more views.

Run Giveaways

One of the main factors in pushing your posts to the top is comments. The more comments the algorithm sees, the more important it views it. A surefire way of getting comments and exposure is to do a giveaway. It could be something as simple as a gift card, a product discount, or even just a book. Who doesn’t love free stuff? And all it takes is tagging a friend in the comments! This will increase the number of comments on your posts, as well as get more eyes on the page. Coupling this with posting about the giveaway or contest in your stories can make a great combo in terms of getting page traffic.

instagram, social media, social media marketing, instagram stories, social media tips, new york marketing, buffalo marketing

Comment, Comment, Comment

A lot of people tend to forget that social media should be social! If you see something you like, comment on it! Building communities and writing on each others posts is what can bring your business to the front. The more you comment, the more you engage with other accounts, the more inclined others will be to do the same on yours. Don’t be shy. Reach out and say hello!

Post Consistently

When creating posts, giveaways, contests, and stories you want to make sure that you are doing so on a regular basis. The more often you post the more likely it is to be seen by others. If possible, try to post at least 4-5 times a week. This will ensure that you have a steady stream of content being sent out for people to view on comment on.

These are just a few tips to get you started on using Instagram to better market your business. Just remember, at the end of the day social media should be social. Engage with people, talk and build relationships, and watch your grow your business. You never know who could be a possible future client!

Protect Your Parking Lot

Durable. Affordable. Customizable.

Some companies are fortunate enough to have a massive parking lot for both employees and customers, and sometimes companies are limited to just three or four spots. It’s important to give customers easy access to your storefront, less they change their mind and go somewhere else.

At New York Marketing we make it easy for you to reserve your spot with custom Aluminum Street and Parking Signs. This heavy-duty signage is ideal for outdoor use. We offer full-color printing and customized artwork for all Aluminum Street and Parking Signs, and can print any size up to 4’x8′.

Why aluminum?

Street and Parking signs are constantly exposed to sun, wind, rain, and snow, meaning they take a lot of wear-and-tear that threatens their longevity. Aluminum is a resilient material that is lightweight, strong, and resistant to rust, giving you extra durability. This eco-friendly material is also spark resistant, and non-combustible, even at really high temperatures.

Once printed, aluminum is flexible in the sense that it can easily be molded into an array of shapes. When hit with impact, this material can spring back without breaking, which is important for keeping drivers safe from possible accidents. If a sign is damaged and can’t be seen, it can gear people towards the wrong direction.

Sign manufacturers also find it easier to use aluminum because it can be used with different types of printing ink. And with a shiny, professional print on the front, it’s appealing to customers. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor signs, this material will stay looking great for years to come, giving a classy, professional look to your business.

Looking for signposts or bases? Let us know!

How To Make Awesome Content

“Want tons of Google traffic, new leads, and more sales? The secret is to create great content.” You’re probably heard this before. However, what exactly is “content” and how can you make it great? “Content” is really just information. Imagine your marketing tools are vehicles. Search engines, email marketing, social media, blogs, advertising, and any other marketing tactic you use are the vehicles that drive traffic to your website. To make these vehicles run, they need fuel in the form of content. The better then fuel, the better your vehicles will run. The content can be anything from teaching new skills, persuading visitors to take a look at your services, or entertaining them for a few minutes. By putting time and effort into creating great content and building a brand, your business will meet your business goals with ease.

Here are a few quick rules for taking your online content to the next level.

Make Content Original

Customers and donors want your insight, so why not give it to them! Sharing original ideas on your website will only benefit your business. And no, rehashing the same concepts or posts over and over again is not original. If your content is played out, no one will link to it, defeating the purpose of writing the content in the first place. Plus, when you write original content, search engines will help your site get more exposure. Google, for example, does not like and will penalize sites with duplicate content and will reward sites will original content. Original content will not only make your website better, but it will also improve your rankings.

Make Content Demand Attention

No matter how great your article, post, or page is, if it doesn’t demand attention, people will not go to it. Think about it. 80% of people will read your headlines, but only 20% will read the rest of your content. You have a split second to convince a reader to take a look at your content. Headlines and subheadings are crucial. The best headlines are brief, demand urgency, demand attention from your target audience, and show expertise. It may take longer to develop the perfect headline/subject line than it takes to develop the actual article.

Make Content Useful

Think about why people Google things. They want to know something. They want information that is useful to them. While giving inside tips, quick fixes, or helpful shortcuts may sound like you are giving up the secrets of your business, it can actually mean that your target audience values you even more. It is actually more rewarding to prospective buyers when you offer frequently asked questions, sneak peaks on new projects, or share tips on your website. The best content shares this information in a way that the user can easily apply it. Telling them what to do shows that you respect them and want to give them assurance on how to easily solve their problems. When writing a blog post, offer tips on applying what you are offering them.

Make Content Visual

A picture can be worth a thousand words and a video can be worth even more. Help support your written content with visuals like charts/graphs, infographics, photos, or even quick videos. We already know that people learn differently. Adding different types of visual content will reach to more people through their learning styles. Whatever you are writing about, at least add pictures. Consider the attention span of internet readers. When potential customers are skimming, these triggers will them read more. No one wants to look at blocks of text unless you are writing a book. Add images or videos that add value to what you are writing about.

Make Content Engaging

You don’t want people to passively read your comment. You want them to be engrossed in every word. An engaged audience takes in every word you write or say. It all starts with what you write. Leave readers with questions to make them reflect on how they can implement the knowledge you provided. Prevent readers from judging your content within the first few sentences by giving an important and promising introduction. Tell users why they should care and what you’ll be discussing in the blog post. Also, share stories. Place an anecdote in your introduction or have a story woven into your blog post. Stories can help clarify a point and make your post more engaging.

It’s important to encourage your readers to share your content on social media. Add plugins and code snippets with social media sharing icons to all fo your critical content pages. Also, share your content in your email newsletters and other outreach platforms.

Want awesome content? You don’t have to do it all yourself! At New York Marketing, we will work with you to personalize your marketing strategy by developing a marketing package that will accurately fit you and your company’s needs. We will help you create original, eye-catching content that will drive traffic to your website and boost sales.

Lawn Signs: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Lawn signs. We see them everywhere. In front of buildings, driving through suburban neighborhoods, and even at your local parks. Lawn signs are a great way to establish name recognition in your area. Whether it’s for a political campaign or you are advertising for your small business, lawn signs will get your name out there in a big way. No matter what is going on, lawn signs will bring in a lot of people, especially if they are just walking or driving by. If they didn’t work as an effective marketing strategy, people would stop buying them. The truth is, thousands are purchased weekly because they are so effective at getting your message out.

According to The Measurement Standard, every lawn sign you put up represents 6-10 new potential votes for a candidate or customers for a small business.

When thousands of signs are put up, that impact is huge. Not only that, but if a candidate or small business can get someone to start putting up lawn signs for them, that person is not only more committed and loyal to that candidate or small business, but they also encourage friends, neighbors, and co-workers to vote for that candidate or visit that business. Lawn signs are a powerful force in the marketing worlds. With every lawn sign put up, they not only have to have an appealing message, but they also have to look great. Stand out from the crowd with these tips.

Sign Material and Color

You won’t see lawn signs made from your standard construction paper. These signs have to be light and weather resistant. Most signs you see today are made of 4mm corrugated plastic. This material is light and comes as an inexpensive flat rigid sheet. They will deliver the longevity and durability your sign needs without compromising quality. They are also waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant.  Another popular material is a 13-14oz vinyl banner. They are great for lawn signs and as banners to hang from a fence or deck. Designs can be printed on one side for vinyl or on both for corrugated plastic. Both materials have a semi-gloss finish to truly make the colors of your prints pot and shine.

Speaking of color, you can your sign to be noticed by the public, right? It is vital that you create them with vivid, bold colors. Think about color combinations that will pop. Using a red background with yellow text, for instance, is a high-contrast combination that will get noticed. If you are worried about something clashing with your logo colors, try a statement color with a white background. While contrasting colors are good in moderation, it is best to avoid bad color combinations. These include yellow text on a white background, red letting with brown or anything where the text does not stand out or is unreadable. These will not get the attention you think it will get, coming off as unprofessional or unreadable. If your lawn sign doesn’t get noticed, or it is thought of as tacky, it will not bring you any business or potential voters.

Size and Visibility

One of the biggest mistake people make is using a sign that is too small. The general rule is that your sign letters need to be 1 inch tall for every meter/yard of distance the sign is commonly viewed from. Most people won’t stop as they pass your sign, so you need to get their attention quickly and keep your business or political campaign fresh in their minds. Your sign should be no smaller than 11″ x 17″. Most city jurisdictions will allow signs up to 4 square feet, so use as much space as you can. Match the word size to the sign. Small words on a big poster will be drowned out by white space or too many designs. If words are too big, they risk looking squished together or broken apart on different lines. When choosing a color, the more contrast between the words and the background, the better. Also, steer clear of fancy fonts. They can be hard to read and people won’t take the time to try and decipher it.

Sign Placement

When placing your sign, be aware of local laws and ordinances. Be aware if your city has a limit on the number or size that is allowable. Choose locations where potential customers or voters passing by can see your lawn sign for more than 5 seconds.  Place them in high traffic areas whenever possible. If they are on a residential lawn, inform the homeowner that once the sign is up, it needs to stay up. If any foul weather, curious animals or nosey children try to tear your sign down, it is best to put it back up as soon as possible. That being said, moving your lawn signs is an effective way to make them more noticeable. Towards the end of your campaign, try moving your sign or adding balloons or ribbons to them to attract the wandering eye. A good rule of thumb is to place your signs every 1 mile or so.

Sign Message

This is probably the most important part of your lawn sign campaign. A strong call to action is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Keep everything uncluttered and to the point.  If you are getting the word out about a candidate, consider placing a headshot on your lawn signs. Having a face to go with a name goes a long way with keeping that name in the minds of potential voters. Also consider putting website addresses, social media handles, and addresses on your signs as well. Phrase things simply and make sure all the important information is there. Don’t worry about trying to be clever or funny as this can be distracting and sloppy. As long as all your information is on there, your sign will be effective.

At New York Marketing we have experienced graphic designers on-hand to create personalized print advertising to fit your company’s needs. Combine text, graphics, and images to convey a strong message and build brand awareness. Target consumers directly with eye-catching lawn signs for your candidate or small business.