The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts have a long and prestigious tradition as a part of American life. New York Marketing is a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in all facets of website design and marketing. Our goal is to help rebrand and reintroduce this institution in a modern way to many young men and their parent, while preserving the same rich tradition of scouting.

Key Elements:

Manage Your

Customizable checkout with detailed attendance reports will help units keep track of their goals and monitor their progress.

Schedule your Training.

Keep track of training events with event management and online databases.

Keep Everyone Informed.

With a calendar and an event database, your entire Council will be informed of upcoming events, fundraisers and all the information required to becoming a Scout.

Web Design:

We will design a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website with an easy to use interface for both members and visitors. Our goal is to build a polished website that will increase website interaction and make it a valuable resource for all Leaders, Scouts, and their families.

This includes:

Content for site re-design
Mobile-friendly version for all devices
Online forms
Photo and Video Galleries

Membership Login Access
SSL Certificate in order to ensure website security

Running CSV Reports
Foundation for optimizing Internet Rankings


Graphic Design

Creating an overall brand for both Council and individual Units. All artwork will be reviewed and refined as needed. This includes logos, flyers, and other graphics for Council/Unit events.


Create the basis for Social Media management on all levels by establishing accounts on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will also build the foundation for regular stories and press releases, along with pay-per-click campaigns, Facebook campaigns and social media promotions to increase membership.


Different databases will be created in order to conect the entire Council. This will help to monitor the growth of GNFC membership. This will also make it easier and faster to find up-to-date information. All leaders will be able to communicate electronically from Council to District to Unit to Pack.


Events at all levels will have access to graphics, reinforcing the Boy Scout’s brand in order to improve event experience and increase attendance. This includes a marketing and event calendar, statistical data for event attendance and establishing a brand by creating graphics, logos, and artwork.


We will create artwork that is user friendly for all fundraising events and opportunities to be sent to possible donors. We will also set up a payment gateway for individuals or businesses that wish to donate and great a database of fundraising opportunities and donors.


Increase attendance and excitement for upcoming camps using EDDM, direct mail pieces, email, and social networking. We will work to establish a strong brand for camps by creating marketing materials to increase awareness.

We look forward to working with you