#MondayMarketingQuote – Roger Dooley

It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Buffalo and we’re so glad to bring you another #MondayMarketingQuote today! Our quote today comes from Roger Dooley, author of best-selling business books Friction and Brianfluence as well as an international keynote speaker. “Even if you are a small business and you can’t afford to do costly studies, […]

Peter Drucker – Marketing Quote

Bloomberg Businessweek once called Peter Drucker “the man who invented management.” Peter was a phenomenal management consultant, author, educator, and most importantly contributed to the foundations of the modern business cooperation. Drucker published 39 books during his lifetime with most of those being translated into over 30 languages. Clearly, he was well known and respected […]


Here is your #MondayMarketingQuote from New York Marketing! Seth Godin is an author, teacher, business, and marketing expert, as well as former Buffalonian! We love to use his quotes and business advice to help your brand grow. #marketing#marketingquote#quote#business#businesstips