Wednesday #WordOfTheWeek- Webinar and Printful E-Commerce Crash Course Webinar Review

Good morning folks! Today’s #WordOfTheWeek Wednesday is “webinar,” or a web seminar. Webinars have become increasingly popular during these times and is something you should be incorporating into your business! A webinar is hosted by a company or organization that streams to a select audience through their computers. Through a webinar you can host a […]


Here is New York Marketing’s #WednesdayWordOfTheWeek! The word, or in this case words, of this week are very important to marketing and your business. A buyer persona represents your clientele’s demographic, behavioral information, goals, and motivations. When you are aware of the role and influence that your customers have with your company, you can then […]

Marketing Word of the Weekend.

In the marketing world, customer satisfaction is extremely important! Making sure your clients are happy keeps them coming back and helps build reliability and loyalty to your business. High customer satisfaction can also help a business owner figure out how to manage and improve their business to keep that level of satisfaction.