National Moldy Cheese Day

Folks… can you believe it’s National Moldy Cheese Day?! Its only fair to assume that Buffalos favorite moldy cheese is… Rootie’s Blue Cheese! Grab some of your favorite wings today (mine are from WING KINGS 716!) and get a nice ole dip of that Rooties! Photo by Forgotten Buffalo.

National Pierogi Day

Today is National Pierogi Day folks! A pierogi is a traditional Polish dumpling commonly filled with cheese, potato, and onion; however, any filling is possible! According to Tasting Poland, “In Poland pierogi are made since the thirteenth century. The word pierogi appears for the first time in Polish literature in the second half of the […]

National Noodle Day

It’s #NationalNoodleDay folks! Did you know that the history of noodles dates all the way back to the third century A.D. in China? That’s OLD! Noodles are enjoyed several types of ways, the most common two being in a soup or with a sauce. When we think of noodles, we often think or Asia or […]